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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage ?

Indian Head Massage is a treatment which is based on an ageless tradition of Indian Medicine known as Aruyvedic Medicine. Not only the head but the shoulders, neck and arms are worked by a series of massage techniques which are at times soothing to alleviate stress and at other times stimulating to improved circulation.

The treatment brings a deep level of relaxation first by massage working on the various areas of the head, neck and arms and then using pressure on various points on the scalp and back of the head which have been found to be centres of energy and are part of the meridian system used in Oriental Medicine.

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?  

Most people will feel relaxed and then energised but this can vary from treatment to treatment. Sometimes, if one’s lifestyle is perhaps not as healthy as it should be and toxins and stress are at a high level there could be a healing crisis. The following symptoms might be experienced:



Slight nausea and or giddiness




Feeling of tiredness


Increased passing of urine which could be dark and strong smelling


Loose stools


Running nose

Please note that these symptoms are not experienced by everyone and when they do occur they will soon pass a maximum time would be around 24 hours). It is a welcome sign that stress and toxins are being dispersed and is really a case of feeling worse before you feel a great deal better

How often should I have an
Indian Head Massage ?

A weekly treatment for several weeks would be ideal until a good plateau of wellbeing is achieved and held and then perhaps once a month or six weeks.




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