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Reiki-Yoga is a simple and powerful system that combines the use of the Reiki Healing System

with carefully selected Yoga postures to bring about physical, mental and spiritual wellness.


 Reiki is an ancient Japanese system of relaxation and stress-reduction that is taught by specially

trained Reiki Masters directly to their students. It cannot be learned from books.

In the first level, the student receives an "attunement" which opens a portal to universal life energy.

Further attunements are received as the student progresses towards the level of Reiki Master/Teacher.


Yoga is a comprehensive life system that originated in India thousands of years ago.  The Yoga postures utilized in the Reiki-Yoga system are called "asanas" and can be practiced by anyone who wants to have superior health and flexibility.  These asanas exercise and stretch the body, and calm the mind in the process.


The combination of Reiki and Yoga has resulted in a unique new practice routine for wellness and health.  One need not be trained in Reiki or Yoga to benefit from Reiki-Yoga. However, its effectiveness will be greatly enhanced for those who have received the Reiki Level I attunement or higher.







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